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For some, it’s just a better way of getting your project sorted.

Through our partners, we are able to finance your project and everything can be included in the lease. This maximises your tax and cash flow benefits and spreads costs over time to be more aligned with your return on investment.

  • Tax Benefits. If you are subject to tax on your profits, leasing can be extremely advantageous and highly cost effective for you. Lease solutions are 100% tax deductible, including the interest, whereas typically you will only receive partial tax relief by using capital. Leasing can unlock real, tangible benefits that would otherwise be unavailable to you.
  • Retain Cash. Leasing minimises the outlay of capital upfront including VAT, which is also spread out over the entire term of the agreement. This cash can be used elsewhere to grow your business.
  • Fixed Costs. Regardless of fluctuations in interest rates, payments are fixed once an agreement starts. This allows you to accurately budget and remove exposure in the event of any future increases in interest rates.
  • Turnkey Solution. Wrap all of your project costs, including labour and fees, into your facility to maximise the benefits that you receive.
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