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Looking for ideas to transform your interior space?


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The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests” –Charles Eames

Looking for ideas to transform how your office or retail space looks, feels and works for you, your employees and clients?

Pretty much everything made in the Panacea Group utilises some element of our Design Services team skills.

Whether exhibition stands, reception counters, graphics, point-of-sale displays, storage solutions, our design studio is the creative hub and each project we undertake includes one of our professional services.

These are now available to contract separately rather than as part of an existing project.

Panacea Design Services is part of the Panacea Group and along with our sister brands, we operate out of our new purpose-built facility in Burn, North Yorkshire, which we built in 2018.

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Panacea design and build a range of complementary products that help companies promote their brands.

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