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Be honest. Are you a little bit dull?



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Be honest. Are you a little bit dull?
Are your competitors brighter than you?
Are your customers looking elsewhere?

In an ever-expanding e-commerce world, regular bricks and mortar stores need to find innovative ways of attracting people away from their computers and into their stores.

At Panacea we specialise in providing display solutions in 3 categories;

LED Lightboxes

Research suggests that illuminated graphic displays can increase sales by up to 30%.

Increasing footfall, generating sales and increasing brand awareness our LED lightboxes are perfect for capturing customer attention.

With virtually no size limitation the aluminium frames can display illuminated graphics and can be wall mounted, freestanding, integrated, ceiling hung and be single or double-sided.

Display Panels

Our Display Panels, also called Tension Fabric Frames, are similar to LED light boxes but without the illumination.

Display Panels are the perfect choice for retail and window displays, showrooms and reception areas.

They are ideal if you want to refresh graphics on a regular basis as the graphic is simple to remove and insert.

The underlying technology is the same as the LED lightbox so the variety of size and hanging options are equally flexible.

Point of Sale Solutions

Designed and built in-house we can produce a bespoke range of retail display/point of sale solutions.

We use a wide range of materials including; wood, acrylic, laminate, MDF Corian, glass and ply.

These functional displays are unique to you and can incorporate branded graphics.

Panacea Displays is part of the Panacea Group and along with our sister brands, we operate out of the purpose-built facility in Burn, North Yorkshire, which we opened in 2018.

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Here we design and build a range of complementary products that help companies promote their brands.

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