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Display Fabric Frames, also known as Tension Fabric Frames are particularly popular in retail environments.

Tension Fabric Frames create graphic displays in an almost limitless range of sizes, that are incredibly easy to transport, install and replace.
Using a versatile system of modular aluminium profiles that vary in depth, you can create displays for applications that are freestanding, wall-mounted, ceiling-hung, and interlinked.

What’s more, our tension fabric frames are incredibly easy to assemble using only one tool.

The beauty of the Display Panel tension fabric system is in the simple removal and insertion of graphics.

Our Display Panels have an integrated channel, which securely holds a silicon strip sewn to the edge of your printed graphic. When it’s time to update your display, simply pull the tab discreetly attached to the fabric, before pushing the silicon strip on your new graphic back into the channel.

Display Panels are the perfect choice for exhibition stands, event backdrops, retail and window displays, showrooms, receptions, wall graphics and large foyer spaces.

Single Sided Display Panels

Our most versatile graphic solution for wall-mounted displays. Robust enough to construct large graphic spans and with a profile of under 35mm it is slim and elegant.

Double-Sided Display Panels

High impact, double-sided display tension fabric solution used to make walls and structures it is also capable of freestanding or being ceiling hung.

Get in touch to learn more about Panacea Display Panels and how we can provide a custom solution for your retail space or any indeed any interior application.

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