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 When you truly want to stand out at a show, a bespoke exhibition stand is the perfect choice. Without any limitations on material or configuration, we can help you create stands that incorporate the most intricate of details. This gives you the freedom to integrate the latest technology and innovative methods of engaging visitors. What’s more, once your bespoke exhibition stand design is complete, our dedicated project management team can organise the manufacture, build, break-down and ongoing storage of your exhibition stand.

Bespoke Exhibition Stands are often built with the function of the stand in mind. Some stands are designed for hospitality with reception bars and stools or more comfortable seating for entertaining and networking. Other stands are built with a focus on business development with private meeting rooms that offer a more secluded location for business discussions. Stands such as these may have a meet and greet area for visitors to be then invited further onto the stand for more in-depth conversations.

Some stands are designed and built with product display in mind, with each shelf representing a part of a client’s business. Alternatively, another popular stand function relies on demonstrating a service, for example, software. In these cases, aspects of a bespoke stand such as a private meeting room or a drinks reception might not be as vital as other aspects. Potential customers are invited onto the stand to focus around a screen and see for themselves the benefits of the product. Like the product-driven stand, this demonstration stand is driven by how many demo areas fit comfortably on the stand.

All of these components are taken into consideration when designing a custom stand. As it is tailored to fit your needs, the bespoke stand can encompass all of these aspects, it is not limited to one, as you might be with a modular stand.

Modular Stands

If you have decided to invest more in your exhibition stand and move from a shell scheme stand, but not quite ready for a bespoke stand, then a custom modular exhibition stand could be exactly what you are looking for!

Panacea Exhibitions will treat your custom modular request the same as we would a bespoke brief, offering the same design options and services.

A good alternative for smaller shows, often companies have a bespoke stand at their major show of the year but then have a re-usable custom modular exhibition stand that travels around to smaller shows. It is equally as important to the company to attend these smaller shows but it is not always practical or needed to build a bespoke stand when a custom modular stand will do just as well.

Modular stands can be enhanced and we have the capabilities to add unique elements to your stand, such as curved profiles and custom LED illumination. & Audio Visual.

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