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Your Reception is one of your most important places
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Is Your Reception Desk or Reception Area Giving The Right Message To Visitors?
The reception area of your company is one of the most important spaces you have.
When visitors enter the front doors and approach the reception area, their first point of focus is the reception desk.

By considering carefully the type of image and message your reception desk and area portrays you can help convey confidence and assurance in your organisation to your customers.

At Panacea Interiors, we have many years of experience in designing and installing reception desks and reception areas. To ensure your reception area and, by extension your brand, leaves a positive impression we use some key design criteria in all of our commissions.

  • Space planning– by utilising our design experience the use of available space is maximised. Attractive and functional – intelligent, slick design builds in functionality to keep organised and personal touches to help keep reception staff comfortable and motivated.
  • Professional, reflecting your identity – what style best represents your company? We will work with you to get a feel for your company and design a reception desk or area that reflects your identity and your brand.
  • A marketing opportunity – your reception area is prime branding space to showcase your brand values, services and assets. We can design logos, install lightboxes and bespoke display stands
  • Welcoming and secure – your reception area must create a warm welcome, whilst remaining access and information security compliant

Experts in designing reception desks and areas that not only look fantastic but incorporate essential considerations, like ergonomics (reach, height, computer/security equipment placement) and needs of both the users and visitors.

We use a range of materials including timber and veneers, metal, glass, acrylics, laminates and solid surface materials.  An example being Corian, available in a multitude of stunning colour variations.

We can incorporate design features, these being, illuminated signage, logos, graphics, cable management, access control & security monitoring, and also organisational elements: visitor passes and lanyards.

Our services also include floor finishes, partitioning & doors, ceilings, windows and decorations, as well as any mechanical and electrical amenities you may need assistance with.

We will agree an installation schedule that will minimise any disruption to your business and this can include out of hours and weekend work.

Need some inspiration for your bespoke reception?

Are you in need of a refresh, or a complete reconfiguration and fit out?

Panacea reception desks and areas are built to impress and perform.

Our free design service will guide you from concept to installation.

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